Final Examination in English for preparatory schools Sunrise 12 - 2014 / Second term - وەڵامی تاقیکردنەوەی کۆتایی ساڵ-سەنڕایزی ١٢-٢٠١٤-خولی دووەم

    Final Examination in English for preparatory schools Sunrise 12

                                           2014 / Second term   


Q1-A- Read the following passage carefully then answer (5) of the questions that follow.   (10. Marks)

   Mr. Grey was a biology professor, and he had a big collection of extremely rare bones which he was very proud of. Then one year he managed to get a new and better job in another university. Because he was very busy, his wife made the arrangements for all their possessions to be taken in a moving van to their new home while he was away at work. The following week three men started taking the things out of the house and loading them into the van, when one of them brought a large wooden box. He was just about to throw it into the van with all the other things when Mrs. Grey ran out of her house and said, “Please treat that box very gently! That one has all of my husband’s bone in it”. The man was so surprised that he nearly dropped the box on his feet.

1-  What kind of collection did Mr. Grey have?

-        He had a big collection of extremely rare bones.

2-  Why did some men come to take all the possessions away?

-some men came to take all the possessions away Because he was very busy

3-  What happened to Mr. Grey one year?

 -One year he managed to get a new and better job in another university.

4-  What does the pronoun (which) in the first line refer to?

 -The pronoun (which) refers to a big collection of extremely rare bones.

5-  Was Mr. Grey there when they moved the things?

-        No, he wasn’t.

6-  What did one of the men take out of the house?

-        One of the men took a large wooden box out of the house.

B- Choose the correct answer.  (Choose  5)          (10. Marks)

  1-The rising human population means …………………

       a-to save money and buy less vegetables         b- the water turns salty

       c- too many animals.   d- the rain will stop and the land will become a desert.

 2- Grade 12 students can write their work schedules with ………………..

  a-homework, revision and test dates.   b- finishing projects and buy note books.

  c-organizing their things and clothes.   d- riding and reading at the same time.

3- The walls of the citadel ring the ………………..

      a-whole of Erbil city.                                B- edge of the mound.

      c-Middle East.                                           D- wonderful museum.


4- Alexander Graham Bell invented ………………………

a-the photo phone in 1875.       B- the photo phone and the telephone in the same year.

 c-the first website in 1991.       D- the telephone before the photo phone.

5- New York has experienced bad times when the crime level was very high but …………………

     a-it became independent since 1776.     B- it was the main center of trade.

     c-it recovered in the 1970s.                 d- it was formed by the five boroughs.

6-The skill road merchants used …………………..

     a-metal boxes falling to pieces.      B- fibre optics to carry communications.

     c-camels to carry their goods.        D- block stones to build the Stonehenge.


Q2- A- Underline the silent letter/letters in the following words.  (Choose 5) (5. Marks)

1-   Wednesday      2- switch     3- statue      4- weight      5- chalk      6- doubt


  B- Choose the right phonetic symbol of the underlined letter/letters. (Choose 5) (5. Marks)

1-   perfume             a- / 3: /          b- /e /            c- / i /            d- / ei/

2-   grassland           a- / 3/             b- / ∫/            c- /s/              d- / z /

3-   kitchen              a- / d3/            b- / t∫ /         c- / t /             d- / ∫ /

4-   tunnel                a- / u /            b- / o /          c- / o: /          d- / Ʌ /

5-   production         a- / k /            b- / z /          c- / s /            d-   / t∫ /

6-   youth                 a- / o: /           b- / u: /         c- / j /            d- / u /


  C- Use the correct form of passive.  (Choose 3)                              (6. Marks)

1-Move all the tables to the hall.     (next week)

·       All the tables are going to be moved to the hall next week.

·       All the tables will be moved to the hall next week.

2-Place flowers on all the windows.  (now)

·       Flowers are being placed on all the windows now.

3-Bring the children to the school.  (already)

·       The children have already been brought to the school.

4-Check the engines of the cars.  (last week)

·       The engines of the cars were checked last week.

 D- Use the correct form of reported speech.  (Choose 2)           (4. Marks)

1-“What will you do for me?”        (Father asked his son ………………………..)

·       Father asked his son what he would do for him.

2-“Answer the next question.”       (He told me …………………………….)

·       He told me to answer the next question.

3-“Do we stay for a long time?”     (She inquired ………………………………)

·       She inquired if they stayed for a long time.



Q3-A- Write down the missing words.                                                   (10. Marks)


noun thing

  noun person

























B- Match these words with their definitions.                                 (5. Marks)

1-   priority              d- an important thing that must be done before the others.

2-   achieve              a- succeed in doing something.

3-   decade               b- a period of 10 years.

4-   intend                e- to have a plan in your mind to do something.

5-   mention             c- the act of saying something about someone or something


 C- Choose the correct word between the brackets.  (Choose 5)         (5. Marks)

1-    they consider ………… a short story about the recent event.   (to write , writing)

2-    Walt Disney was the … of Mickey mouse very early in his career.(creator , creation)

3-    There have been many economic problems, but the economy will soon ………….   (return , recover)

4-    We are using this new …………….. to find out the holidays and the important days.  (diary , calendar)

5-    The great Pyramid of Khufu has four ………….. sides.   (triangular , rectangular)

6-    The students are usually have a two hour …….. at this collage.  (lecture , speech)


Q4- A- Choose the correct answer.  (Choose 4)                             (8. Marks)

1-   Perhaps we could discuss the reasons …………. we are holding this meeting.

a-which                   b- why                c- where                 d- who

2-   Before ………….. the car, we tested and checked the engines.

a-may drive                  b- will be driving      c- driving       d- will drive

3-   Thousands of immigrants entered New York …………… they could live a better life than before.

a-so that                b- so as to             c- must have          d- for the purpose of

4-   These students are …………………. in the school.

a-the most good             b- the best              c- the good           d- better than

5-   When I say 12.5 I mean ……………………….

a-    ¾                          b- an eighth                          c- a third                         d- ¼



   B- Do as required?   (Choose 6)                                        (12. Marks)

1-I need to copy this document but I can’t use my photocopier. (…….. you type it again and use the printer)

     Use the correct form to make a suggestion.

·       I suggest you type it again and use the printer.

2-If this team gets more points, it will reach the final stage.  (use: unless)

·       Unless this team gets more points, it won’t reach the final stage.

3-Scientists used the fibre optics in medicine. Add extra information.

        Use (lived in the twentieth century)

·       Scientists, who lived in the twentieth century, used the fibre optics in medicine.

4-My father used the saw to cut the rope because the knife  (not be) , sharp, (do) that. (Use: enough)

·       My father used the saw to cut the rope because the knife was not sharp enough to do that

5-There was a lot of smoke coming out of this barrel.  (certain / someone burnt the rubbish)

·       Someone must have burnt the rubbish.

6-To get up early . You should go to bed early.  (use: as long as)

·       As long as you go to bed early, you will get up early.

7-This man is the new manager who they have a meeting with. (Re-write this sentence as a reduced clause)

·       This man is the new manager they have a meeting with




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